Share the Sheets

We lay here Not speaking Pushing and pulling and silently, politely asking each other  To share the sheets Never making a sound  Never speaking truths and hurts Never soliciting trivia or consequence Sharing space Sharing air Sparing a moment To kiss and tell Kissing hips and finger tips And biting tongues and licking lips You […]

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Feeding Your Children is Hard

I write about real stuff. I have always given advice in a no-frills manner, and I’m very direct. When I tell you that feeding my child nutritious meals every day is the hardest thing I have ever done and will continue to do for at least 15 more years, you know that I’m being serious. […]

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Label Picking

Loving him was one long lucid dream A tall glass of fluidic expression Sweating drops dripping onto the table Pooling puddles of perspective Bleeding rings into the reality Happy stains of him On her boring day-to-day The single dream in color against hundreds of monochrome moments Melting away the lacquer of real life Adding a […]

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Tucked under herself Her feet fell asleep No one cared Hair fell in her face Charcoal smudged on her cheek No one cared As she sketched out his eyes Her hand slipped and she screamed No one cared The frustrated cry of an angry artist The crumple of art lost No one cared Throwing the […]

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