The American Dream, a concept held fast by the citizens of our nation since the inception of the country, is dying of severe inflammation. It is a sad affair to watch an idea which has driven so many projects, programs, and politics become a joke in the eyes of many other world-leaders. Although our nation […]

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No Strings Attached

For hundreds of years, marriage has been an institution with a weighty importance, both for religious and legal reasons, but is increasingly falling by the wayside. Replacing this rigid concept is a modern theory of happiness as it relates to sex and relationships. Grand Master Laozi, author of The Tao Te Ching, asks, “Must you […]

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Mother Superior

  Dawn Elana Blocker was born on 30 March 1961, in Happy Camp, California. She entered the world early that Thursday morning, and that was the last time anyone ever called her a morning person. The small town of Happy Camp was composed mostly of her extended family, as her mother, Darlene Blocker nee Breidenstein, […]

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