She says “That’s so savage,” looking down ate her phone, sleek and silver in her long, thin fingers. Her perfect manicure on her sharpened oval nails is the indication of her kept status. She folds her slender legs up under her, licks her lips, and begins to tell the story of how her ex-boyfriend’s new girl friend dumped him online because she caught him watching porn.

“Porn,” she says, with a cruel sneer, “of yours truly.” She rolls her head back, cackling at the thought of her perfect breasts causing a brutal break up.

“It’s not that funny, Sev.” She looks up, startled, because she hadn’t even realized he was listening. She often spoke for hours without so much as a head nod or an “uh-huh” from his furrowed brow and thin lips.

“What?” she demands. “What isn’t funny about that heartless bastard getting his just desserts? You know what he did to me.”

He pulls his stool up to her chair, and sits. He puts his strong hands on her knees, giving a gentle caress to each one. He takes a deep breath as he stares at his feet. Slowly, he raises his eyes and says, “Seven, have you considered that the only reason he was able to watch your porn, is because you chose to make one? How do I feel knowing that everyone can have their way with you, in their minds? I can’t even stand to look at you right know, knowing how many eyes and hands and cocks have been on you and in you.”

He stands up, a disgusted look spread thick on his beautiful face. “I’m done here,” he sighs, walking through the study doors. “How’s that for savage?”

via Savage — Prompts – The Daily Post


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