Things I Lost in Labor

Everyone knows that when you get married, each person commits to the other; in sickness and in health, fat or thin, bald or hairy. We often make mention of what sacrifices we promise to make. Maybe he gives up poker night EVERY week and she promises to shop less, for (an unusually sexist) example. Something […]

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A Response to Your Sacraments

“I hate her because she was sticky And your saints sought sustenance That match her in a sticky resonance I hate her because she stuck Because she sucked and sucks and frankly, fucks with you still Because she is an emotional allergy Lacing your food and your music and my stockings I hate her because […]

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Tether Together we tether our troubles to each other And there’s nothing we can do to stop it We twist knots, not for naught, tighter than taut And we’re afraid to relax lest we drop it This ball of ick full of sick tricks and shit Our damage, our rage and our fights Domestic and […]

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